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No one emerged from the womb assigned with an intrinsic purpose. The doctor did not take one look at you and say, with confidence, “You will be a fine race car driver!” or, “I am looking at the forthcoming Youtube sensation of 2030.” Life doesn’t work that way. No baby, child, teenager, or even adult, knows for sure one thing that they are destined to do for the rest of the life, and if they say so, they are deceiving themselves.

The thing with purpose is that it changes.

I never thought that I would be working where I am, but in a way it makes sense: I always wanted to work in a progressive environment that helped vulnerable communities. Through pursuing my interests, beefing up my skills, and seeing where the need was, I found a job that aligned with my values while sufficiently paying the bills. I write all the time at work; I also write on the side.

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